UÈRMÌ No-Suede – Eau de Parfum – 75 ml

The charm of a woman’s long gloves, the driving gloves of a man on a sporty car… in suede, of course. Unmistakable to the touch, made unique by its peculiar scent also. This ‘nose’ has a daring soul, able to create olfactory compositions out of the ordinary.

Gender: Feminine & Masculine
Content: Eau de Parfum 75 ml
Smell: Alongside, saffron, guaiac wood, incense


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“NO Suede stars a beautiful leather note, modern and voluptuous. Alongside, saffron, guaiac wood, incense, animal notes and synthetic woods (which in recent years have become very trendy), strengthen the backbone and give it a dark tone, warm and smoky. In the background, an alcoholic direction suggests an evening out with classy Harley riders. It’s a sound and exuberant fragrance, notably for the wealth of nuances that round up and complement each other nicefully; the suede feels soft and elegant, very comfortable, with a “rogue” tip reminding me of Johnny Depp playing the pirate. If it were a Lady, It’d be Selma Hayek all dressed in black leather. It lasts several hours, in the drydown it lowers its tone, becoming more discreet and even more seductive.”