Founded in 2016 in Amsterdam, the Sincere Group was established to bring back love and respect for the product and its surroundings. After working many years at management level at leading international fashion companies, Michel, Anoukh and Patrick felt the strong wish to set up their own company based on a different approach and intention towards the business. Over the last decade they had seen the industry rapidly change into a world where company strategies were more and more dominated by volume- and price-driven objectives, mostly at the expense of the authenticity and quality of the product.

Not feeling comfortable with this ongoing tendency, they decided to use their knowledge and experience to put things in a different perspective. Highly motivated to make a contribution to reverse today’s way of steering business, the Sincere Group was born. Besides the mission to create more awareness for the product and its origin, quality, sincerity and transparency are the main pillars of the company’s philosophy which is applied to every product or service offered.

By offering an unique selection of high-quality life style products, the Sincere Group enables a distinctive way of living. Exclusive and pure products, not only made with great love and passion but also with respect for the environment, are gathered under one roof. Sincere Group only works together with dedicated partners who share the same philosophy. All of them are characterised by their devotion, excellent craftsmanship and endless efforts to deliver a beautiful product.

Sincere Group aims to inspire and appeal people who value comfort and quality in their daily life, though with a conscious mind and attitude. Individuals who enjoy and appreciate authentic products, but care about its footprint it leaves behind. Retailers who embrace our core values and join us in our wish to make a difference.

Sincere Group invites you to wear, smelltaste and experience and hopes you and your customers will enjoy it as much as we do.


Michel van der Linden, Anoukh Quist and Patrick Heus