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A simple, evolved and contemporary approachto male beauty.

DEPOT® offers a complete range of products for men to respond to the request of an evolving male beauty market, moulded to their specific needs.
Specific, quality products with a strong identity. A contemporary and advanced but simple approach to men’s grooming. In a changing men’s market where many men are returning to old-fashioned barbers to get a special shave ritual, others are turning to hair stylists for a cutting-edge look or haircut, or they’re finding the comprehensive attention they need at the new barber salons that mix the past and present: from this idea comes DEPOT®


UERMI means “wear me”… let me slide on your skin as a soft fabric would. As an ethereal embrace. Enveloping you, subtly, I insinuate myself in the creases of your mood. I am your dress, your suit, your signature. I am your perfume.

Perfumes and fabrics share an elective affinity with our skin. Both are literally worn by us, becoming a subtle or strong expression of our personality. That is why UERMI means WEAR ME. Perfumes and fabrics caress and gratify in real time our senses… smell, sight, touch in particular. They powerfully evoke memories. An old pair of velvet pants or jeans, a tweed jacket, a silk tie or a scarf, a cashmere sweater … can give us back a fragment of our past. A fabric, just as a perfume, can make us travel through time.