Established in 1981 and based in the hilltop town of Asolo (Treviso), a place of worldwide renown for creativity, Replay has been the synonym for the highest standards in the denim sector for more than 30 years.
Since its foundation, Replay has developed, and stuck to, its key strategy: product vision, expansion into new markets and increasing control of the distribution network. 

Innovative flair, characteristic Italian design and the superb quality of its products, have always been three cornerstones of Replay’s philosophy. In addition to distinctive skill and expertise, this has made Replay a major player in international denim styling and production.
The combination of vast experience and advanced know-how, alongside an extensive search for distinctive style using sophisticated techniques, constitutes the intrinsic value of its garments, and thus, much of the Replay’s investment is focused on stylistic and technological research into materials.

Trading under the brands REPLAY, REPLAY&SONS, and WE ARE REPLAY, Replay promotes and distributes casual wear, accessories and footwear for men, women and children. Brand extension projects, including eyewear and the Replay Perfume lines, are entrusted to licence partners.


The crcl starts with the best Italian yarn.

The CRCL knitwear collection is a luxury contemporary collection. It has been developed with top quality yarn from the range of Biella in Italy by Südwolle.
The yarn has been produced in an ecologically friendly way and guarantees a luxurious soft touch and unique comfort, has no shrinkage and is wearable all year.
The perfect imperfection of natural yarns gives merino, cashmere, silk and linen their unique character and handfeel.


B.D. Baggies, the classic American buttondown shirt brand, is now a collection that has been completely modernized in terms of style and product. According to legend, the origin of B.D.
Baggies dates back to 1919. In that year a young man named Bradford Dexter Bagg, discovered a trunk full of his father’s old clothes, including a lot of beautiful shirts, that he decided to wear immediately.
All Bradford’s friends at school admired his new wardrobe and soon those shirts with that air of being “lived-in”, were called B.D. Baggies in honour of the first person to wore them.
The B.D. Baggies collection is designed in Italy, and produced from 100% pre-laundered shirt which has a lived-in look and an unmistakable appeal. “A shirt wearable naturally as a tee ”. The collection contains original styles, innovative fabrics and treatments and a new fit.

Baldessarini clothing


Baldessarini is an international premium fashion brand. It’s a brand for men who share a passion for craftsmanship and quality materials, which are central to every Baldessarini product. Our policy is to create garments that become true companions, not aimed at fast-moving trends.


Transforming essential men’s clothing into an object of desire. An attractive, fresh, contemporary style to wear every day from morning to evening, perfect for any occasion.
Four.Ten Industry is a cutting-edge brand that reinvents essential menswear classics with great creative flair that is irreverent and contemporary. A unique concept that appeals to men who live in the moment with audacity and courage.
Practical and innovative outfits that revolutionize the fashion-sporty look, creating a casual, determined style: trousers, jeans and outerwear, all made in Italy, a guarantee of high quality and sophistication. 


Born from tradition, evolved through design, WHITE SAND is a contemporary brand that combines neoclassicism and innovation, tailored to the ones who want to explore new visions.
The company was born in 1979, specialized in apparel making, it works with passion and commitment from 37 years to keep the high-quality standards that define the brand. Thought and research define the first quality material selection. The knowledge of the artisans’ packs products with utmost care to details: each stitch becomes the mark of an artist. the extreme care, quality, and unicity of the brand are proven by unmistakable products.